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Our Services Include:

Advertising Sales Process for a Branded Site (not a generic spot)
  • AdSpots and the owners of the venue or stake holders create a list of potential advertisers
  • AdSpots signs agreement with potential advertiser
  • Venue approves the ads
  • Ads are uploaded by AdSpots
  • Billing by AdSpots to the Advertiser
  • 50/50 revenue split with the owners of the venue or stake holders
  • AdSpots will re-direct payment to the owners of the venue or stake holders
To receive detailed AdSpots' terms and conditions, please contact

Network Design and Deployment

AdSpots can assist you with the installation of routers.
  • Site survey
  • Network design
  • Device provisioning, install and configuration of AdSpots routers
  • Dedicated Tech on call with 1.800. #
  • Design of 2 Landing/Splash Pages
Advertising Sales & Management

AOur team will manage the processing and sale of ads. All ads are uploaded through our portal and AdSpot split the monthly revenue on a 50/50 basis with each location. Advertisers pay online at AdSpots website and we submit a monthly payment.

Advertising & Community Network support
  • Dedicated Tech on call with 1.800 for any times the Internet is down
  • Tent cards with information on how to log-in to the free intnernet will be supplied
  • We will do a monthly network analysis of each router and location.

For more information contact
or call 1.877.335.WiFi (9434) ext. 701