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Advertisers Rate Sheet:

It's easy to Advertise on our Wi-Fi locations!
When Users Login to an AdSpots Wi-Fi, the following pages appear:

Sign-In Landing Page: The 1st web page users see at a HotSpot.
Welcome Landing Page: After users click a button to access the internet, the Welcome web page displays.
Every 30 minutes users are presented the Sign-In and Welcome Page to continue to access to the Internet.

AdSpots Advertising   See AdSpots Banners on sample landing pages
Ad Size   1 Month    
Super Banner – Sign in Page (610x100px)     $100.00  
Super Banner – Welcome Page (610x100px)   $75.00  
Square Ad – Sign in Page (300x250px)   $75.00  
Square Ad – Welcome Page (300x250px)   $50.00  
Impulse Ad – Sign in Page (300x100px)   $50.00  
Impulse Ad – Welcome Page (300x100px)   $40.00  

Create Your Own HotSpot

Create your own AdSpot   $0.00  

Additional Services

Our team manages the following services in support of installing a wi-fi network   Find out more

AdSpots Community Advertising

Business Community Ad – Banner Profile (600x60px)   FREE   Access your Business Community
Organization Community Ad – Banner Profile (600x60px)   FREE   Access your Organization Community
Community Pages - Super Banner (728x90px)   Contact Us    

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