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We can help you build your ad. Before you begin your ad:
  • have a look at some ads online and identify 3 you like. What do you like about these ads?
  • ask yourself: What do I want my primary message to be? what do I want people to do when they see my ad? What is my call to action?
  • use 7 words or less including your heading and make font size as big as possible
  • Power Words, FREE, secret, affordable, crazy, amazing, cheap
  • Less is more... select a simple picture without animation --no flash
  • Sketch your ideas in pencil in size you want
If you build it, they will come!

Please note that almost any graphic editor can be used to modify a picture so you can use it in your ad. Adobe Photoshop  is our tool of choice for editing your picture and you can also create your ad there too.

> Open Adobe Photoshop, Select file and click new
> select your width and height accordingly, set resolution to 72
> save as AdSpotsAd_"YOUR COMPANY NAME"_#1, click ok
> make colour of background you want
> Select and bring image
> You can then add your Heading and all body copy.

Make sure you place a "call-to-action"--this is an offer and a place for people to call you or email you or you can simply direct people to your website. All our ads are clickable, so directing people to your website can be your call to action.

Here is couple great links if you don't have Photoshop. You can convert from Microsoft Word. Make sure you create the size you want and resolutions should be 72.

AdSpots Inc. accepts the following formats on our landing pages:
* GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
* JPEG or JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
* PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
A JPEG is the most suitable as you will find many other uses.

For more information contact
or call 1.877.335.WiFi (9434) ext. 701