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AdSpots Inc and Tourism Calgary MiniMap Program

Be the source of Internet for thousands of visitors!!
AdSpots Inc and Tourism Calgary are printing a map including all our free WiFi locations. Would you like to include your location in our map?

MiniMap Specifications:
- 2 sided maps, padded in 200 lots
- Side 1- whole city, major roads, C-Train lines, hotels and attractions pinpointed
- Side 2 - downtown only, facts, figures and info relevant to the visitor

Who receives them?

- All Member Hotels in Calgary – given to guests - 60,000
Calgary Visitor Information Centres – given to visitors – 40,000
- In Visitor Planning Guide - given to Travel Agents & Tour Operators – 125,000
- In Destination Planning Guide – given to Convention, - Sport/Cultural Event Planners - 6,000
- Travel Alberta - for other Visitor Information Centres – 10,000
- Others - on request from non-Alberta VSCs, individuals, etc. – 9,000
Total Distribution – 250,000

Do you search for Wi-Fi zones whenever you are traveling? Well, you are not the only one. People are demanding Free Internet everywhere they go even in remote locations outside of the business core. Let us know if there is a location where we can place a hot spot.

Pinpoint Free WIFI locations throughout city Opportunity to provide a special AdSpots offer and track redemption numbers Be the source of Internet Info for thousands of visitors!!

For more information contact
or call 1.877.335.WiFi (9434) ext. 701